Help and feedback

Need help?

Need a helping hand to use Nubo’s services?


… the documentation: get to grips with Nubo’s services, find out how to configure your devices and go further in your use of e-mail and the cloud. Note: only a part of the documentation has been translated in English.

… the frequently asked questions: read some of the answers you’ll find about the Nubo project, the cooperative, shareholding, subscriptions, available services and more.


… on Nubo agora:come and ask your questions, find out what others have to say, contribute to the answers, take part in discussions and exchange with the community.

Meet us (irl or virtually):

… at the meetings: see if there are workshops or self-help sessions near you, or online, where you can also contribute your help and experience.


… by email ( write us and describe what you’d like to do or what’s not working for you, and we’ll do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

please note that we are still a small, partly volunteer team. We will do our best to respond to all requests, but a rapid response may not always be possible.

Something to report ?

Have you found a bug? Something is not working as it should?

Report it:

… by email ( describe the nature of the problem in a few words in the subject line, then enter a description in the body of the message, as best as you can.

… on our Gitlab repository: if you know - or want to know - Gitlab or the issue system, create an account and open a new issue with what you’ve found.


How to make a good bug report? — A few tips:

  1. Describe what you were doing and what you wanted to do.
  2. If you were experiencing a problem while browsing, copy the link or describe the page where the problem occurred.
  3. If you got an error message, copy it in full (or take a screenshot or photo).
  4. Indicate the day and time, to the minute if possible, when you encountered the problem.
  5. Give any other information you may have: device type, operating system, software…

If you don’t have all this information, don’t panic. Contact us and we’ll explore together what might have happened.