Who are we?

Nubo is supported by individuals and companies, both French- and Dutch-speaking.


Denis Devos, Neutrinet asbl (represented by Emmanuel Marseille), Femke Snelting, Stijn Vanhandsaeme.

The team

Agnez is a web designer and advocate of the culture of sharing and free software at Abelli. She’s also a member of Creative Commons Belgium, active in the Samedies and many other activities. In Nubo, she works in the legal and communications groups.

Denis is a system administrator, active in Tactic, Domaine Public and Constant. He works in the Nubo technical group.

Emmanuel is an editor and author. He is active at Neutrinet and is a self-taught digital autonomist (self-hosting and network knowledge). At Nubo, he works on communication and documentation.

Femke is a researcher working with others on projects related to the impact of digital technology. She is co-founder of The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest.

Jérôme is Nubo’s coordinator. He has extensive experience of cooperatives and collectives. Jérôme is responsible for communication and administrative follow-up.

Kenny is system administrator at Domaine Public and Tactic. Many of the servers and computers in the Brussels associative landscape run thanks to him. In Nubo, he is the driving force behind the technical infrastructure.

Stijn is a founding member of the Nestor workers’ cooperative. He is a web designer and system administrator. He contributes to Nubo’s financial and technical groups.

Founding structures

ABELLI asbl - https://www.abelli-asbl.be/

Abelli is the “Belgian association for the promotion of free software”. It was created in 2013 to organize the 14th Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre in Brussels. Since then, it has organized the Associalibre event as well as training courses and occasional awareness-raising actions.

CASSIOPEA asbl - https://www.cassiopea.org/

Cassiopea offers training courses for different types of audience and leads reflection actions on digital tools. From 2003 to 2017, it provided web hosting (sites, mailing lists, etc.). Since then, it has focused on free software training and the pedagogical work that revolves around it.

DOMAINE PUBLIC asbl - https://www.domainepublic.net/

Domaine Public is a Brussels-based hosting company that has been in business since 2001. It provides hosting and cloud solutions to a broad, non-specialist audience, as well as various freely accessible online tools (collaborative notepads, polls…). All their services are based on open-source software.

NESTOR scrl - https://nestor.coop/

Since 2015, Nestor has been offering website creation, layout and graphic design services for organizations, businesses and individuals. It operates in the form of a cooperative and advocates a citizen and responsible approach. Nestor uses free software and fights for the protection of privacy and a free Internet.

NEUTRINET asbl - https://neutrinet.be/

Since 2011, Neutrinet has been offering internet privacy tools and self-hosting solutions. It defends net neutrality and the empowerment of its users. The association is a member of the FFDN (federation of associative internet service providers).

TACTIC asbl - https://www.tacticasbl.be/

Founded in 2003, Tactic offers hosting solutions, IT asset management, website design and tools implementation for various structures and associations. Our solutions are based exclusively on open-source software. Tactic provides maintenance, support and training.

Would you like to help out?

Nubo was born out of a partnership between several associations active in Belgium, and is continually expanding its collaborations. If you would like to participate or collaborate in any way, either on a personal basis or because you represent an association, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Expressions of interest and questions are also very welcome and helpful.