The amount you pay depends on the amount of disk space you use. The base price is € 2.5 per month and includes 5 GB.

The price per GB decreases for larger subscriptions:

  • € 0.5 to 10 GB.
  • € 0.25 from 11 to 100 GB
  • € 0.10 from 101 GB.

Subscriptions of € 2.5 include 5 GB. It is not possible to pay for less disk space. The amount of disk space can be easily increased or decreased (to a minimum of 5 GB), in this way the price remains as fair as possible and you will only pay for what you actually use.

If you you haven’t taken any shares, you will pay € 1 extra per month.

Examples of monthly rates

Quota Shareholder No shares
5 GB 2,5 € 3,5 €
10 GB 5 € 6 €
20 GB 7.5 € 8.5 €
50 GB 15 € 16 €
100 GB 27,5 € 28,5 €
200 GB 37,5 € 38,5 €

Linked Accounts

Anyone with a subscription can link additional accounts. These accounts are independent with their own private access to mail and cloud, and their own password. In this way you can manage different identities or share Nubo’s services with family or friends.

Each account uses a minimum of 2 GB: 1 GB for mail and 1 GB for cloud storage. The disk space of linked accounts are added up in the subscription of the main account.

This means that one subscription can be valid for multiple users. The accounts each have their own access, but can share (joint) files between them.

Domain names

The annual price for a personal domain name depends on the top level domains (.be, .net, .com…). The cooperative enjoys a preferential rate with and resells them at the normal purchase price covering the management costs of personalized domain names.

Registering your own domain name costs about 15 euros per year for most common extensions (.be, .net, .com…). With a personalized domain name you can have a personal email address (in the form of “ name@mydomainname.ext  ”), this facilitates the portability of your account (you can change providers, and still keep your own domain name).


Invoices are issued on a monthly basis and payments are made in advance: users pay for the upcoming month. These monthly prepayments allow reduce the administrative burden for Nubo - and thus costs.

You can decide to take shares at any time. The price reduction of €1 (if you were not already a shareholder) takes effect the following month.